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Our Story

Two of our biggest clients fired us in the same month. That's when we knew we were on to something . . .

Our founder, Jimmy Coleman  has consulted companies like Northwestern Mutual,  TikTok and many more on their lead generation strategy. 

In the enterprise sales and recruiting space he was known as "The Marketing Wiz Kid".   In 2020 we tested a "hands off" solution for our clients. Instead of teaching a marketing strategy - we would build a team that could implement it for them.

Three weeks in we received a text, "Please! Turn it off!" - believe it or not we generated "too many leads" for our client. When we received a similar message the next week from another client we realized two things:

1) We've got something here!

2) We need clients who have bigger holes to fill ðŸ˜…

That is when LeadBaller was born! We now work with clients in 20+ countries generating leads for them using Jimmy's proprietary methods. 

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Requirements to work with LeadBaller:

- Must sell B2B

-Your lifetime value per customer must be 10K - 10M+

- Must have a proven sales process for onboarding leads

- Must have proof you are great at what you do

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